While working with #AEM6, I encountered an issue with Package Manager when packaging and installing user/group nodes that were replicated once or more, which I regarded as a bug, but I'll let you decide and tell me what it is.


I have a list of users/groups. I activated/replicated to publish instance. I then packaged it (with package manager). Download the package and install on another CQ install in a separate environment. I got an error message in Figure 1.

AEM6 Package/Install Bug
Figure 1.

After debugging I noticed that the issue/bug caused by a mixin type get added to the user/group node's property called: cq:ReplicationStatus (see Figure 2).

Replicate Mixin
Figure 2.

So I did an exercise by going through all the users/groups nodes and removed the mixin, and it works.

Please note that I only encounter this issue with user/group nodes.