In AEM6, I ran into an issue in Package Manager when trying to package /a project's users from one environment and install in another environment.

Figure 1
Figure 1.

Here's what I did: in author instance of my DEV's environment, I packaged project's users (path: /home/users/ready, see Figure 1), downloaded, and attempted to install in the author instance of my QA's environment.

The issue I ran into: when attempting to install on the author instance of my QA's environment, the installation failed, and I received an error message as shown in Figure 3. I checked the JCR node, in author instance of my DEV's environment and see as shown in Figure 2.

My question for the Adobe Team: why can't AEM6's package manage automatically exclude the ".token" node? If it does, problem solved, correct?

Figure 2
Figure 2.

Figure 3
Figure 3.