I am working on a project where we have: a publish instance (P1) for public facing content, a publish instance (P2) for authenticated users, and both instance reverse replicate content to the same author (A1). On P1's dispatcher, we allow anonymous user to submit request for information or/and demo from partners who are required to login and use a system with a set of services/features on P2. So, when anonymous users submit requests, we need to reverse replicate to A1 and then replicate to P2. That is because the request(s) are directed to specific users (partners) depending on the page they send the request from. Below is the code fragment that I did (and it worked):

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I am working on a project where we allow end users (anonymous users) to submit requests and we capture and moderate the content. Business as usual, I have my HTML form, my servlet, etc... I store the submitted content using JcrUtil with admin session (see Code Fragment). Everything works as expected, except: reverse replication. The issue is that reverse replication agent merely doesn't pick up the newly created pages (based on the log file) while the pages have all the required properties for reverse replication. So the pages never get reverse replicated to author instance.

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On a project that I was working on, due to some specific business requirements, we wanted to see if the out-of-the-box Ratings and Reviews component is working/functioning as expected when allowing anonymous users to give their ratings and reviews. I thought it might be valuable for some of us to know the findings, so I decided to share them with the community via this article. The answer is: It Is Not Working! Here are the reasons:

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While working with #AEM6, I encountered an issue with Package Manager when packaging and installing user/group nodes that were replicated once or more, which I regarded as a bug, but I'll let you decide and tell me what it is.

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In this article, I'll illustrate how to configure OSGi to root-map from /projects.html (default) to /welcome.html in #AEM6. When you freshly installed your #AEM6 and logged into author instance, you will land on the /projects.html page, Figure 1. Some might prefer to land on the /welcome.html page, Figure 2. How to do that, you added: /apps/myproject/config.author/com.day.cq.commons.servlets.RootMappingServlet.config.xml, and add the XML codes in the Code Fragment 1 below to the ...config.xml file.

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