In this article, I will share with you a solution on how to disable Touch UI in #AEM6, once and for all.

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A use case where I find programmatically activate CQ page helpful is when you have user submits content, you store the content in the usergenerated content area (or in the JCR repo), you have an editorial workflow to moderate the reverse replicated content in Author instance. Upon action taken on the Author instance on the reverse replicated content (i.e. CQ page), you want to replicate the content back to Publish instance.

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While working on setting CQ Users/Groups Permissions, I discovered something rather weird happened within AEM/Adobe CQ. I think it's a bug. Or maybe not, I'll let you decide what that is and feel free to chime in. The "issues or bugs" are discussed below within this article.

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In this article, I'll briefly illustrate a major difference between CQ 5.6.1 and AME6 when it comes to Users and Groups permissions. I am not fully aware the scale or the extent of the impact this might cause on upgrading from CQ 5.6.1 to AEM6, but I thought it's worth sharing.

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There is a weird error that I have gotten in AEM6's Package Manager when I try to install a package that contained users and groups. I am not sure if it's a bug or a new feature.

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